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June 21, 2011



Why is it that we're all so consumed with this trial? And for goodness sake what will Casey's mother come up with next!? I fully expect her to confess to everything next week.
I just found out we're probably moving to Florida at the end of the summer (living on our boat in a marina) and I'm sorry to see you live on the east coast as we'll be on the west. I have to admit, I'm not really looking forward to the heat!


I refuse to watch the trial,but my husband is glued to it all day.I get the content on the evening news, and I agree I do like the judge.

I'm sewing, knitting and crocheting all projects at the same time.....can't get bored.
I love the Amy Butler fabric purse in your previous post. Do you have a pattern to buy ?
My website is still in Swedish, but there's a translation button, wich makes it absolutley hilarious, ( if you know both languages) It's my dog Buttons site.
Have a great 4th

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