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June 25, 2010


The Sister

Ever faithful reader here to comment first: I LOVE LOVE LOVE my awesome quilt -- and since the heat index was 101 yesterday, I blasted the AC, got under my quilt, and watched Season 2 of Mad Men (yay, Blockbuster - And: this means Season 3 will be in the mail before you know it).

Also, I *do* have an AWESOME "See Dick. See Jane. See Spot," tote bag that YOU made me three years ago. I just whine because I'm the younger sister - it's not my FAULT. ;-)

The Grateful Sister

Tammy from quilt-pictures.com

You two sound just like my sister and I. great quilt!


What a wonderful story! I'm sure 4 extra trips weren't fun at the time, but it adds to the story - how persistent and diligent you were in getting it finished! I'm sure the too-small squares can be made into something - a matching cushion, maybe?

Beautiful quilt!

Candy Glendening

Oooh! WHat a wonderful present from a wonderful sister! Truly a labor of love!

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