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September 03, 2009



I can't even look at the spiders at this time of the night (or morning!) or I'll have nightmares. EEk But I agree finishing is wonderful. And somewhere near to finishing when you know it is all coming together and going to work out is even better. Cherrie


I thought everyone else's kids were always perfect!! Thank you for making me feel better. As for the 'piders(Vet Tech Girl's name for them since she was a tiny tot), they scare me to death, but also remind me of an ex co-worker who once upon a time told us the most outlandish story involving barking spiders. It became an office legand. BTW, I do hope we get to see the finished project?!


So sorry, I meant legend!


AAAHHH!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!!!! WHy don't people put big WARNINGS on their blogs when some scary picture is coming up!

Ok, that's over. I totally know that feeling of peace after a big project and the cleaning up - one of my favorite times! In fact, I'm planning to have that feeling soon myself!

Have a great weekend - stay away from that bush!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chara Michele

Ick!! :)

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