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August 24, 2009



Oh no. Sorry you are having to deal with this issue. Hope it works out to your satisfaction.

Candied Fabrics

UGH! Sorry to hear about this...what a bad way to start your day at oh-dark-thirty in the morning!


O dear. This seems to be such an unfair situation. I like your analogy to stealing your babies because that is what they are. Are you sure though that what you saw was copyright infringement and not just a similarity? I looked to the left of your post and saw the etsy photos and what looked just like my folders which I know I designed myself but could easily look like your goods. Not only is the world so small but minds totally unrelated often come up with the same thoughts and designs and the availability of eye fodder on the net that could get lost in our brains may influence what we come up with as our own originals. Not sure just what I was trying to get at there but you show a lovely attitude towards sharing and it certainly would be nice if someone using your work would ask permission to make money out of it. Cherrie


I've read about this same problem on other blogs.From blatantly stealing designs and claiming them as their own, to selling without permission. Your work is very unique so I'm sure spotting a rip off would be pretty easy. If possible you really should contact these people and kindly remind them that you hold the copywrite. Does it help? Who knows, but I wouldn't want to be the recipient of one of those 'gotcha' emails.


That is just not cool. Why must people do that?

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yup i do agree with this post, i'm a design student but i just view the designs to make the concepts i don't even try to make a copy of anyone's design.

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