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July 06, 2009



How about Markalong. Or Dramaca (DRAwing MArker CArry) or a variation of.

Becky W.

I like the word doodle, so what about "Doodle Along"?

Sandra T

Busy Bag
On the Go

Nored No More

Dude. (Ooh! Dude Bag!) [kidding] I'm so glad to see you've finally posted these. Everyone will LOVE them.

I was going to suggest Sketch Bag, but per Urban Dictionary.com, it means "a shady looking character usually having a dirty and disheveled appearance. Also refers the character of the person." Oopsie.

Cartooning Carry-On? Cartooning Carry-All? Doodle-All? (p.s. - do NOT Google Doodle-All at the office...) Doodle-Along? Draw-N-Go?

And HEY! I *resemble* that Banagrams remark! ;-)


how about Creativity Pouch or Creativity Carrybag? i love the design. my kids were always bringing stuff places and always had some kind of bag. these are too cute!


Bring It! Art Bag

Yes, You Can Bring It with You Art Bag

C'mon, Let's Go Art Bag

Color in the Car Art Bag

(Can you tell I have a little girl that would get great use out of this bag?)

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