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July 09, 2009



I like patterns that are ready to use to. Either full size pattern pieces, or cutting instructions. I seem to have the problem that if it is something that has to be done behind the counter, they squak about copyright issues unless the pattern states the permission to enlarge. It is an extra trip, plus extra cost to me in addition to spending money on an expensive book. Good for you for sticking to your guns about what you want to provide in your patterns!


I'm 100% on your team here! Anytime I buy a book only to find I have to go pay for enlargements, I never bother to make the pattern. It's REALLY frustrating not to get full size pattern pieces when you feel like that's what you paid for. I've looked at this book several times, but had no idea about the problems. Cross that one off the list for sure!!!! Might I suggest the Emmeline Apron pattern for your contest? Reversible, no enlargements needed, readily available, and thus far, has been my very favorite apron. Compliments everytime I pull it out. Good luck!


I love this book! Granted, I haven't (and won't) be enlarging any of the patterns. Instead, because I'm super lazy and very cheap, I've looked at their patterns and just sketched my own. It's worked so far. I've made my own based on their aprons, including Cakeland (page 40) and Lorelei(page 65). My aunt would love for me to make her Provence Smock (page 76), but I'm not actually sure I could pull that one off without the pattern...


Are you sure you cannot do this at the library. I know we can at ours. You just select A3 and print one out at 400% to see where it lies on the page and adjust thereafter. I do agree that patterns should be available and useable immediately if that is the idea you get from their advertising or blurbs.

Sara Wright

Amen! I made an apron from the book right when I got it- it was basically all rectangles and I thought to myself- Why did I have to pay to have this enlarged when they could have just given the dimensions of each rectangle and I could have cut the fabric to the dimensions? Especially when after I had enlarged the pieces they didn't fit together correctly and I ended up having to reconfigure the pattern anyway! I haven't made any of the others since that experience.

Candied Fabrics

Argh! That's so frustrating! I'd take the book back and make my own apron!


The exact reason I do not buy patterns or books that you have to enlarge the pieces. I don't need the aggravation! Good luck. I know you will pull something out of your hat.


Can you imagine how a newer sewist would feel after going through the whole enlarging mess and then wonder why the pieces didn't fit? And just say the word bias tape to me and I'm outa here!! I hate that stuff. If you ever need an apron for a man I made one from Kwik-Sew (it looks like a vest) and it turned out so nice. The only thing I did differently was to line both it and the pockets (it was a gift and I'm more careful with those kind of things!). I'm sure you'll come up with something great and you'd better post some pictures!

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