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June 14, 2009



People like that suck. They suck the happiness out of other people, and that is just terrible. Don't let her get you down!


I hope I never do that to you. I know I have tendency to relate things to what I know and comment along that vein. Your work is worth much more than to let someone elses negativity get you down. You are good at it and even the fact that you blog about it shows that it really matters to you. Keep your chin up and carry on.

The Sister

DON'T put it in the Doomsday Bin. It's more than wonderful, I'm 100% sure, and I haven't even seen it yet.


Sometimes you have to decide if a friendship is really worth the effort and grief. Maybe this is one of those friendships.

Candied Fabrics

I know it's harder said than done, but I have found that my life is a happier when I avoid non-productive relationships! I talk a little bit about this here:
after a nice comment really cheering up a miserable week I was having!

Anyway, speaking of non-productive...those little rivets you sent me arrived safe and sound a week ago, and I've been to busy to 1) try them out or 2) Send you a THANK YOU email! What a jerk I am ;-)


Thoes flowers don't grow in my yard so they are pretty and your project is beautiful, because you made it (and that is what counts). Please finish it and don't let her comments get you down.



When I was growing up my mother had a couple of friends like that. My word for it is snide. At this stage of my life I realize that they were very unhappy women who enjoyed dragging others down. Taken in that context they can be tolerated. BTW I loved the patterns you sent me and I keep looking at them and trying to decide which one I want to 'manipulate' first! Thanks!

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