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April 14, 2008



That is cute. The birthday boy will love it. Did you hear about the Australian woman/company that was selling toys made from Hillary's patterns?


Will Robinson was my first crush! Years later I married a redhead. A coincidence? Maybe...maybe not. The robot turned out great. You did a great job!

Kristi Smith

That looks like fun, what four year old wouldn't want him to snuggle and play with.

P.s. I loved that show too. As a kid they would show Lost in Space, Monkees and Brady bunch in endless rotation.
Loved it.

Kathleen Hughes

I am SO HAPPY that "you are back"...
I have missed you.
I walk with my ipod (YOUR) ipod everyday and I love it.
I sure wish that I could take your class.
I am so happy you are back; I know I already said it, but I really mean it.
Thank you.

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