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October 31, 2007



Awesome!! I love those Coach bags but could also never spend that much on a purse... I love your version!


I totally love that bag!

Mary Sarah

Beautiful! I love it!


I would take one of your bags over a Coach a couch bag any day.

The Sister

Dude. I love the bag. I also love Lorella's honesty. Talk about building character...

The Sister

PS - 8 Random Things Tag. You're it. And, I tagged Bonnie, too.

Beth H

Great bag! Thanks for the link to the Coach bag, too. It's nice to see your inspiration.


My view on coach bagsi is this..especially those 'patchwork' bags.. I would NEVER spend a hundred dollars let alone 400 on a fabric bag that is just emblazoned with their name or logo. The patchwork ones are the 'leftovers' from the other bigger bags. I just could not rationalize paying that much for 'leftovers'. Your bag is totaly totally cute! I'd much rather carry a "bagginit" bag than a coach. Really. :)

Chara Michele

I actually like your version better than the Coach bag! Besides $400 for a bag is a little much, especially since I have a friend who bought a Coach bag & it ended up wearing out within a few months just like other bags.


oh, I think your's is much nicer! Your's is prettier - it has almost a shabby chic look - I think its gorgeous.

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