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September 10, 2007



Congrats on the new washer & dryer! The laundry room looks very pretty now...

Candy Glendening

Looks great! And yes, you HAD to get the dryer!!!! Candy


I'm just praying mine give up soon! With a clamp wrench type thingy clamped onto the dryer to set the time and loads of black tape covering the washer water temp to keep from changing it, I am ready for new!


Doooood. This looks FANTASTIC. And yay for the pitching in, too. This is fantastic - can't wait to visit and "whoopsie! I need to do some laundry..." ;-)

Jane Weston

That's amazing! Can you come to my house I have a kitchen that needs doing! :o) Your washer and dryer look the biz!

Chara Michele

Exciting! Your new washer & dryer look nice! :)

I love the photo with the four-legged friends trying to help out. Our cats always volunteer to help too:)


DANG girlfriend! You were Super Woman!! Can you please come visit me and work your magic on my house? I promise I'll feed you extravagantly while you're here.


Oh... and blue is not usually my color but that is a very pretty shade. It looks sort of "bluebird" on my monitor.


I love that color. Could you send me the specifics please?? Thanks.



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