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June 07, 2007



Very cute. I had recently bought some fabric to make my dog a placemat, but I was just going to do a plain rectangle. I think these bone shapes are much more fun. I think I'll give that a try instead.

Sue B

These are the nicest doggie placemats that I've ever seen!


Oh my goodness. Those are absolutely adorable!! I have two doggies here who would just LOVE to have fancy shmancy placemats like that!!


Very cute! I'm thinking oil cloth might work well also.

I'm taking my machine in this morning for it's first annual tune-up. 4 to 5 days without my machine! They're also having a 30% off Bernina stuff sale. I'm going to try to limit myself to one new presser foot, but it'll be hard. :o)

Chara Michele

Such cute mats!


What a great idea! My dogs always seem to spill water everywhere when they drink. Just ran across your site about 2 minutes ago and I must say the bags you make are gorgeous!! You have some real talent there!


omg! i so want one of these for my chihuahua abby. too bad my sewing skills stink!


Cute, great idea it's stylish and it protects the floors.


Those are too cute!

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