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June 15, 2007



Ohhhh...what a familiar sight. Our doggies seem to prefer cat food though. We had (past tense) two garbage cans side-by-side where we kept the dog and cat food. Well, once the dogs realized that cat food tastes better they were constantly helping themselves to the all day buffet!!! Cat food is now kept in a different place. I love your photo of the crime scene.

Chara Michele

Oh my! Oops:)

What a funny photo though of the mischief he got into! Which dog was it?

Elizabeth K

hahaha. oh my! bad dog!

Account Deleted

ha ha ha! must be something in the air. our dog lifted a half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the garbage can just seconds after i put down her dog bowl (full of food). with me still standing only several feet away.


LOL that's too funny. Did he give you puppy eyes afterwards?


Dude. My money is on Murphy, who indeed rolled out the ducked-head-with-puppy-eyes afterward. Wow. He must be getting senile in his old age, thinking this is appropriate and what not. Either that, or his meds are making him a cracked-out thief. One or the other.


That's impressive. I'm always impressed with the lengths some dogs will go to get an extra snack. I had a Collie growing up who learned to turn door knobs with his nose so he could get into the pantry.

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