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June 24, 2007



Dude. I love this post. Was the Fashion Queen home when you were conducting the photo shoot? This is awesome. Shall I send a pic of all the goodies I have? I think I have two bags and two wristlets you can add to the list. Nice work by the way - love that hot pink lined one that was inside the closet.


Ha! That's just about the state my own bags are in, scattered around, some still half-stuffed. Sadly, though, I only have myself to blame. Still, yours is such a beautiful collection!


That's an impressive collection!


What a fun post! And I recognize all the bags, I think, from previous posts. And you know what? I think the fact that the bags are all scattered and squished around her room are a sign that she really likes them. :o) Does she read your blog? Ha! She'd probably be shocked if she did!

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