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June 15, 2007


Sue B

I love that tunic - love it. Great color, great shape - love it.


Project spreadsheets keep me organized. Of course, they also keep me from actually having time to knit.

The Bonsai looks awesome! I'm glad you went with the green. It will look great on you.

I had not seen the Nicole pattern. Cute! I think I own 6 of Bonne Marie's patterns. I've never actually made any (unless you count the RIbby shell I have started and will probaby rip out because I don't like the yarn.) But they are great designs.


First of all, I'm kinda thinking about stealing Bonnie's spreadsheet idea. I too like those organizers that prevent you from getting any actual work done. "Things to do Today: 1. Make a to-do list."

The Bonsai is FANTASTIC. It's going to look awesome, so suck it up and finish it. I like your alterations to the pattern, too - reverse stockinette sucks. It's not reverse; it's inside out.

Haven't started Nicole, but that's because I'm on the Yarn Diet (apparently, if that's working well, a Food Diet isn't. I had chocolate cake for lunch and now I'm eating a bag (!) of tortilla chips). Must. Knit. Soon.


This is going to be fabulous! Love the color!

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