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March 13, 2007


Sue B

hmmm I like the bag shape, the fabrics are not really my style but I do like the shape. Maybe a little wider and shorter? I like the rings for the handles.

Gorgeous sofa!


That's a gorgeous couch!

ps. I think the bag is cute. Nice fabric combo, too......


Dude, slap some handles on that bag and call it day. I like it. Quit being hard on yourself. It'd make a great gift too.

On to the furniture:

Oh. My. Lord. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT job picking out furniture - love the couch (I see my 'spot' already!), love the bookcase, love the lamp. Can't wait to see it live and in person!

Elizabeth K

I like the fabrics, but agree that something is off with the proportions.

Love the sofa.


Wow, can I come take a nap on that beauty??? Love the style.

The bag looks GREAT to me. I wasn't sure I liked the two fabrics together the first time I saw it but after looking again, I DO really like them. (And my bit of apprehension had nothing to due with proportions but can be attributed to my nervousness about things that don't coordinate more exactly - thanks to my mom's influence - Match-it-Mary!)


Yummy sofa, and I love to group frames on the wall too.

With the bag, I think the proportions are fine, but I find the two main fabrics are very demanding on the eye. How would a plainer fabric look on top?

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