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February 25, 2007


Sue B

Well it's a lovely bag! Perfect for spring/summer (which around here seems years away). I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets that way about a project that sits on the worktable for a while!


What an awesome bag. It just screams spring, unlike the snow that's falling here right now. Yuck.


I saw this bag in person and it is absolutely beautiful. The picture doesn't do it justice!!! Great job, Debbie.


Beautiful bag, both the fabric choices and the design itself. Hurry up Spring!!!


You may be over it, but it sure turned out cute!

Elizabeth K

Your daughter is very lucky to have a mom that will make such great things for her!


I think it's gorgeous, but maybe you should put it away in a cupboard, and get it out next week. Then you'll fall in love with it again.


That's a nice bag. I'm wondering when your daughter will start making her own? I truly don't think she'll appreciate your skill when it comes to bags until she does. :o)

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