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February 18, 2007


Elizabeth K

That is terrific! What a cute outfit (and daughter too). You must post that in the Freshcut Flickr group.

Lori V

Your daughter looks beautiful in her outfit. She did a terrific job, love the fabric and the design. Good luck to her at state.


How exciting! I'm not surprised - that is a great dress!


Wow! Congratulations! That really motivates me to want to sew clothes. It's an area I have failed in many times before...but maybe I can do it!?!?! The dress is great! I'm really impressed.


Beautiful dress (and daughter). I've been eyeing that fabric for so long, I love the combination she used.


Oh wow, Debbie. I can just imagine how proud you are. She did a wonderful job and she looks awesome. That paisley fabric is wonderful and what a great match with the silk. I showed it to Molly last night and she gave it a teenage thumbs up!

Just the inspiration I need to get to work on my dress!


Wow...the dress is beautiful! I can only image how proud you must be.


Wow! What a fabuous job she did-looks like she takes after her mom! Just beautiful fabrics!


Oh my gosh! the dress is beautiful! Of course, the model doesn't hurt! lol! So she's been sewing for less than one year and can already make that?!? Natual talent for sure and she clearly needs to pursue it. Congratulations!!!


Woo Hoo! Stunning teen girl. What an awesome job on the dress. You make a pretty good model too.

Debbie, you must be looking at your beautiful girl thinking: That's my beautiful baby turned into a beautiful young women. Wow.


Wow! That outfit is stunning. Beautiful color choices and a beautiful girl! You must be so proud.

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