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February 27, 2007



Ok, I'm giggling NOW that you are knitting a horse, but once you post the completed project I know I'm going to want to knit a horse too!!! he he he

Elizabeth K

Plastic bags keep the dust out. I use them too.


Definitely looks green to me. Haha.

Pattern is turning out cute!


I find it relaxing to knit too-nothing to clean up, and I can easily carry it from room to room.

Sometimes crafting is a "just because you feel like it" kinda thing.

Ooh, I have the Claire Garland knitted babes book, and I'm close to finishing my owl from Lucinda Guy's book: "And so to bed" will send you a photo soon.

ps. from Stitch diva I got the pattern for the Hobo bag, Sahara, and the simple knitted bodice sweater.


You are SO BUSTED. It's TOTALLY blue. (This from the person who made the cropped cardigan out of blue - but my issue is gray yarn and your issue is blue yarn. Woulda been funny had you made it out of gray. But you're busted.) I want the eyelet pattern next.


The link for the cropped cardigan doesn't work. Can you send it to me? It looks like something even I might be able to tackle. You did a nice job on it!


Does the toy book have instructions for a knitted cat? I can't find one that I like anywhere.


I carry projects around in ziplocs too! It keeps all the crumblies off that might make their wat into my projects when I'm carting them around with all of my kids in tow... which means snacks in tow... which means crumbs, and occasional sticky stuff!

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