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January 28, 2007


Elizabeth K

What a cute dress. Is it the 3rd time you've been called for jury duty in a year?


Jury duty three times in one year???? You must be a GREAT juror!!! he he he
And...that dress is sooo pretty, I love the ruffles around the bottom, what a great detail!


Verrrry pretty! I can't sew clothes, but maybe I could add one of those ruffle thingies to a dress I already have? It would definitely add some character.

Sue B

Oh lovely dress, a little out of season for us up here in the 20 degree weather!


OOOH! I want that dress!! I'm going to a mother daughter luncheon on March 4th and need something to wear. It's sooooo hard to find something to wear in March when the calendar says spring clothes but the weather screams wool sweaters and boots!

Bummer on the jury duty. I was only ever summoned once in my life and it was for the week after my third child was born so I was excused. Does your courtroom allow knitting needles?


Can you believe that I've never been summoned for jury duty? Of course becasue I just mentioned that I'll be getting a certified letter in the mail this week...
Cute dress! Lucky you!!


Gorgeous. You could even wear it with a denim jacket or a little cardigan on cooler days. Thanks for showing us the details.

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