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October 05, 2006



LOL!I'm laughing now, but my day is coming. My kids aren't going to dances yet, but I'm sure when they do, I'll have some stories too. Your kids looked great!! I bet you can't wait until the prom!

Elizabeth K

Cute kids. I can totally picture the attitude your son was throwing because the same sort of scene happened at my house when I was a teen. And what he said about the tomato juice? Also something that might have come out of my mouth.


Okay, that sounds so incredibly stressful! Your son looks great and your daughter is beautiful. I'm so glad they had a good time. Now might be a good time to remind everyone that none of that evening could have been possible without YOU, their loving mother.

There is something that they do here in Texas that I had never seen before. They wear these huge ribbon/badge-looking things called mums. I was afraid as I scrolled down on the pictures I'd see a huge mum distracting from the beautiful dresses and smiles, screaming "Look at me - the mum - look at me!!!" I'm am SO glad that this trend hasn't made it out of the state so far. And if they put their mums on AFTER the pictures were taken, then, please ignore what I just said and try not to be mad at me!

Copper's Wife

LOL!! Great story....


Oh dear, I do not look forward to those days. I remember mine all too vividly, LOL!

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