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September 07, 2006



Cute hat, love the style and the yarn.


Dood. You beat me. I KNEW I should have packed airplane knitting. The yarn is gorgeous, and I love the pattern. And the model looks so nice, and quiet, and compliant, and not mouthy or whiny, and so pleased to be wearing such a lovely hand-crafted garment (or two, right? Isn't that one of your dresses too?). Good choice, rather than one of those creepy looking girls by the front door.


FYI, the hat is a gift FROM Mother, not me, so you are still winning the race! Secondly, I *like* those creepy girls by the front door. Thirdly, if you fully looked at the "creepy" girls you would have noticed that one is a boy. Lastly, I've already made arrangements that you get those "creepy" girls. Creepy girls and Hummels - it's all yours, baby!


What a beautiful model you have there. And the yarn looks so soft - even without being able to touch it I know it's that perfect softeness for a baby gift.

I'm always looking for babies to gift to as well. Making baby things is so much fun, but most of my friends have had their children so I guess it's time to wait on having grandchildren??? You're closer to that time than I am!


So now your telling us you can knit beautifully too! You clever gal this is just lovely!!

Teri P

What a gorgeous hat!


Debbie, tried to send you an email from my blog but it didn't work. I would make another purse with the tubular frame. It wasn't that hard if you have help

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